Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate
Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate is considered to be one the most expensive cities and Rancho Santa Fe homes are some of the most expensive homes in all of San Diego County. Rancho Santa Fe is a unique and upscale city in San Diego County, Ca and is located just east of Encinitas and Solana Beach. Homes in this area tend be on a grand scale and on large lots. Privacy is the utmost in Rancho Santa Fe as most homes are protected from view behind private entrance gates.
The city is very well kept and very clean with a cute downtown area with shopping and restaurants. It’s not unusual for real estate to be nearly double the price of most beach properties in San Diego county. Many of the homes will be in the one to two million dollar range with home prices going well over the $20 million dollar price point. For the most part many of the high end homes will be located within a gated community. Neighborhoods like Cielo, the Covenant, the Bridges are some of the most sought after communities. If you are new to Rancho Santa Fe it can seem a bit overwhelming. We have broken down the different areas and communities of Rancho Santa Fe below.

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